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Installation steps and pressure of vulcanizer

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Installation steps and pressure of vulcanizer


Installation steps and pressure of vulcanizer

Installation steps of vulcanizer inner tube mold:

(1) put a machine table under the machine;

(2) first place the pressure device (water pressure plate) on the placed lower frame machine; then place the lower electric plate on it After the three are aligned, the lower electric heating plate is covered with plastic film (or talcum powder); note: when multiple vulcanizers work in parallel, a 0.2x50x seam length thin metal plate is placed at the joint of the lower electric plate.

(3) place the processed and well processed tape joint on the lower hot plate and fill it with rubber material; after finding the center line, fix the tape on both sides with splint and clamping mechanism.

(4) above the tape joint Place the plastic film (or talcum powder) on the position corresponding to the lower heating plate, and then place the heating plate and the heat insulation plate on top in turn Note: when multiple vulcanizers work in parallel, place a 0.2x50x joint length thin metal plate at the joint of the lower plate.

(5) place the upper frame on the heat shield and align it with the lower frame.

(6) install pre tightening bolts, washers, and nuts in the long holes of the upper and lower frames according to figure 8, and tighten the nuts with a wrench At this time, the main part of the vulcanizer is installed.

Automobile inner tube mold

(7) connect the quick connector of the pressure pump system to the water inlet of the pressure device, insert the main power line into the socket of the electric heating control box, and insert one end of the secondary line into the electric socket Heating control box The other end is inserted on the hot plate; a corresponding thermal resistance (or thermocouple) wire is inserted into the socket of the electric heating control box, and the other end is inserted into the temperature measurement hole of the hot plate At this time, the vulcanization installation is completed, and the timing operation of pressurization and heating is prepared.

(8) vulcanization pressure of belt vulcanizer

Vulcanization pressure is an important condition for vulcanization of rubber belt Because pressure can play the following role in the curing process:

1. Improve the density and adhesion of the core layer and rubber mixture, discharge the gas in the joint and eliminate the bubble;

2. Promote the flow of rubber and quickly fill the bonding surface of the core layer;

3. Improve the adhesive strength of the adhesive surface of the tape joint and the yield resistance of the tape.

The vulcanization force depends on the nature of rubber (mainly plasticity), product structure and process conditions If the rubber flow is small, the vulcanization pressure should be large; otherwise, the pressure should be smaller The belt is thick, there are many belt layers (core layers), and the structure is complex. The steel wire rope is the core layer, which requires a large vulcanization pressure The effect of vulcanization pressure on vulcanization rate is very small, which is usually not considered When the vulcanized rubber is bonded on site, the vulcanization pressure of canvas and nylon core belt is 0.8-1.2mpa If the tape is thin, the lower limit should be used If the tape is thick, use the upper limit.



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