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Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County Rubber Mold Factory


Over the years, our factory has consistently adhered to the business philosophy of
"surviving by quality and developing by reputation".

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Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County rubber mold factory is located in Xiuyan County, the famous hometown of stone in China. Our factory is close to Haidan highway and the intersection of Dalian, Dandong and Anshan. Our factory was founded in the early 1990s, is to produce various specifications of tire mold, inner tube, outer tube, water tube, cushion belt, capsule, various specifications of inner tube vulcanizer, molding head, internal mixer, FRP inner tube set ring and various rubber machinery and other entities.

Company main business:Tube mould,Pad mold,Inner tube vulcanizer.


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Contact: Wen ShichengTel:+86 0412-7865132
Mobile: +86 13941206641Website: www.xyxjmj.com
Mobile: +86 13804925921E-MAIL:xyxjjxmj@163.com
Address: Hongxin village, Xiuyan Town, Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具垫带模具内胎模具    内胎硫化机          内胎模具内胎模具内胎硫化机


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