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Inner tube vulcanizer

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Inner tube vulcanizer

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Inner tube vulcanizer

The machine of automatic opening and closing of inner tube vulcanizer heats and pressurizes the model, which is mainly composed of frame, transmission mechanism, beam, gland, control panel and steam pipeline.

brief introduction

Generally, it is driven by motor, and the opening and closing of die are realized by cam four-bar mechanism. During operation, the inner tube shall be pre installed in the fixed ﹣ e inflated and shaped inner tube model, and then the inner tube vulcanizer shall, according to the different vulcanization strips and the specified time requirements, respectively input the steam into the upper part and the inner sleeve of the tire model for continuous heating, and automatically (or manually) complete the mold closing, filling the inner pressure steam, exhausting the steam and opening the mold, and finally take out the vulcanized inner tube There are 91 omm35in, 114 urrmi ($5in143c1mm (55In) and 20 uumrn [75in) in grids.

Because the vulcanizer is made of metal with high hardness, it is impacted by vibration and other composite forces during the production and operation process, resulting in the formation of gap between parts and wear. The traditional repair methods include overlay welding, thermal spraying, brush ferry, etc., but there are some disadvantages in several methods: overlay welding will make the surface of parts reach a very high temperature, cause deformation or cracks of parts, affect the dimensional accuracy and normal use, and even lead to fracture in serious cases; brush ferry, though not affected by heat, can not be too thick, pollution is serious, and its application is greatly limited System. In western countries, polymer composites are widely used to solve these problems. Its comprehensive performance and machinability at any time can meet the use requirements and accuracy after repair, reduce the impact vibration of the equipment in operation, and extend the service life. Because the material is a "variable" relationship, when the external force impacts the material, the material will deform and absorb the external force, and expand and shrink with the expansion and contraction of the bearing or other parts, always keep tight fit with the parts, and reduce the probability of wear. For the wear of large-scale vulcanizer, "mold" or "matching parts" can also be used to repair the damaged equipment on site, to avoid the overall disassembly of the equipment, to ensure the matching size of the parts to a large extent, and to meet the production and operation requirements of the equipment.


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