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Hydraulic station

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Hydraulic station

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Hydraulic station

The hydraulic station is a hydraulic source device or a hydraulic device including a control valve, which is composed of a hydraulic pump, a motor for driving a tropical mould, an oil tank, a direction valve, a throttle valve, an overflow valve, etc. According to the flow direction, pressure and flow oil supply required by the driving device, it is applicable to all kinds of machines separated from the driving device and the hydraulic station. The hydraulic station and the driving device (oil cylinder or motor) are connected by oil pipes, and the hydraulic system can achieve various specified actions.

The hydraulic pressure stations

The hydraulic station is generally a mechanical and electrical device that provides lubrication and power for the mechanical operation of large and medium-sized industrial production.

The use of hydraulic system is due to its wide use, high efficiency and simple structure in power transmission. The main task of hydraulic system is to change the power from one form to another.

The hydraulic station is also called the hydraulic pump station. The motor drives the oil pump to rotate. The pump draws oil from the oil tank and pumps it. The mechanical energy is converted into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is adjusted by the hydraulic valve through the integrated block (or valve combination) and then transmitted to the hydraulic machinery's oil cylinder or oil motor through the external pipeline, so as to control the direction change of the hydraulic motor and the large force Small and fast speed, promote all kinds of hydraulic machinery to do work.

The hydraulic station is an independent hydraulic device. It supplies oil according to the requirements of the driving device (main engine) and controls the direction, pressure and flow of the oil flow. It is suitable for various hydraulic machines that can be separated from the main engine and the hydraulic device. The motor drives the oil pump to rotate. The pump sucks oil from the oil tank and pumps oil, converting the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil.

After purchase, as long as the hydraulic station is connected with the actuator (oil cylinder and oil motor) on the main engine by oil pipe, the hydraulic machinery can realize various specified actions and working cycles.


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