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Do you know what are the characteristics of rubber mold when it is used?

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Do you know what are the characteristics of rubber mold when it is used?


Through years of use, the characteristics of the cushion belt mold can be summarized as follows:   

1. The service life is usually 20-30 pieces, up to 200 pieces, which can meet the needs of trial production of new product samples. To be careful

2. The mold making cycle is short, usually 1-3 days. The pouring time of a plastic part is about 2 hours. Therefore, plastic samples can be provided within a few days. To be careful

3. Due to pouring in vacuum, there are few bubbles in the plastic parts, which can form high-precision plastic parts. Due to the small shrinkage of silicone rubber, it has excellent reflection performance, which can truly reflect various decorative patterns such as wood grain and leather grain. Chinese style

Due to the elasticity of silicone rubber, forced demoulding can be used for the shallow groove on the side.

Selection of cushion belt mold

4. No pores due to different wall thickness. It can also form thin-walled parts with a wall thickness of 0.5mm. To be careful

5. Plastic parts with metal inserts such as screws can be formed. To be careful

6. Diversified materials for the production of master type. It can be freely selected from metal, wood, plastic, gypsum and other materials. It only needs to be filled when making the parent form with wood. The hardening temperature of silicone rubber is from room temperature to 60 ℃. Due to its high heat resistance, special processing is not necessary. However, when casting transparent parts, the surface of the master mold must reach the mirror surface. To be careful

7. It can paint and vacuum electroplate the casting plastic color and casting parts. As long as the pouring parts are cleaned by steam in the solvent. Chinese style

8. The production of silicone rubber mold does not need special skilled technology. To be careful

9. When the deformation of the mold needs to be reduced, the rubber mold can be strengthened with metal inserts. To be careful

10. Since the silicone rubber mold changes slightly with the temperature, strict temperature control must be carried out.


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