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Do you know how to reduce the vibration of vulcanizer?

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Do you know how to reduce the vibration of vulcanizer?


Do you know the small method of mold for shock pad of vulcanizer?

1. Thicken the base plate on the worktable of the vulcanizer: add a certain thickness of base plate between the worktable of the vulcanizer and the lower mold to move the working stroke of the moving beam up, so as to reduce the volume of the upper cavity of the working cylinder in case of sudden load loss, and correspondingly reduce the stored liquid elastic energy.

2. The vulcanizer can reduce the shock vibration to reduce the vibration. Because of the resistance of the hydraulic pad of the vulcanizer to the falling of the moving beam, the vibration of the vulcanizer can be slowed down after the shear force reaches a large value.

3. Add movable cushion block to the vulcanizer: add a movable cushion block between the working cylinder piston and the moving beam of the vulcanizer, and press the moving beam down through the cushion block to carry out trimming, blanking and other processes.

How to choose the cushion mold

The bottom plate of the vulcanizer is usually made of ordinary carbon steel, and the tire is vulcanized by high temperature steam. In this process, some water condensed penetrates into the surface of the bottom plate, resulting in uneven surface after local corrosion. Due to the serious corrosion on the surface of the base plate, it can not guarantee the close cooperation with the surface of the heat insulation plate, and it is easy to cause the damage of the heat insulation plate under large pressure. The traditional method is mainly to re machine or replace new equipment after overlay welding. At present, polymer composite materials can be used for field repair. Because the material has excellent adhesion, good corrosion resistance and good compressive strength, it can effectively solve the uneven corrosion of the bottom plate caused by the condensation water during the operation of the vulcanizer bottom plate, so as to avoid the damage of the heat insulation plate, and provide a good guarantee for the normal operation and safety production of the user's equipment.


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