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Uniform hot plate temperature of vulcanizer

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Uniform hot plate temperature of vulcanizer


The temperature of the hot plate of the conveyor belt vulcanizer is even. The inner tube mold is made of light aluminum alloy material. It is small in size and light in weight. It is powered by ordinary three-phase power supply. The temperature of the hot plate is even. It is equipped with a smart, full-automatic LCD temperature control box. The connection between the temperature control box and the main machine is also made of integrated plug-ins and multi-core cables, which is reliable. At the same time, it has the characteristics of fast temperature rise, uniform temperature, good thermal efficiency and so on. It is an ideal bonding equipment for rubber belt joint of conveying machinery.

The quality of the belt joint has a direct impact on the working efficiency and service life of the belt, especially the long-distance and high-strength transport belt is more important at present. "Shanda Weiye" brand SD series electrothermal belt vulcanizer is the advanced auxiliary equipment in the belt transport machinery at present.

Inner tube mold price

Failure in judging vulcanization speed of belt vulcanizer

1. Vulcanization time of belt vulcanizer. This is an important factor affecting the vulcanization of four pillar belt vulcanizer. The time is too short and the degree of sulfuration is not enough. The time is too long and the degree of sulfuration is too high. Only the proper degree of vulcanization (commonly known as positive vulcanization) can ensure the good comprehensive performance of the flat belt vulcanizer.

2. Vulcanization temperature of belt vulcanizer. If the temperature is 10 ℃, the curing time will be extended by half. In order to ensure the average vulcanization level, the thick rubber products are individually vulcanized with gradual heating and high temperature for a long time.

3. Sulfur consumption of belt vulcanizer. The higher the sulfur content is, the faster the sulfuration speed is and the higher the sulfuration level can be reached. The solubility of sulfur in rubber is limited, and a proper amount of sulfur will be separated out from the surface of rubber material, commonly known as "sulfur injection". The amount of sulfur in soft rubber is no more than 3%, in semi-rigid rubber is about 20%, and in the curing condition of hard rubber, the amount of sulfur can be as high as 40%.


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