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The curing time of vulcanizer can be controlled according to the thickness of belt

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The curing time of vulcanizer can be controlled according to the thickness of belt


The quality of the belt joint and the inner tube mold of the electrothermal vulcanizer have a direct impact on the working efficiency and service life of the belt, especially in the present long-distance and high-strength transport belt. The electrothermal vulcanizer is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the current belt transport machinery. The vulcanization and heat preservation time of the electrothermal vulcanizer can be adjusted according to the thickness of the belt. The full-automatic precise digital display control system is adopted. The vulcanization temperature is even and accurate, and the vulcanization pressure is even. The whole machine is light in weight, reliable in quality and durable

Liaoning inner tube mold

Fast water cooling time: 15 minutes heating time:

Not more than 25 minutes from normal temperature to curing temperature;

The temperature difference between the upper and lower heating plates is ± 2 ℃; the temperature regulation range is 0 ~ 300 ℃;

The vulcanization pressure is 0 ~ 2.0MPa, which shall be subject to the specification of the user's belt and the factory mark;

Curing and holding time: 0 ~ 99min (adjusted according to the thickness of the belt);

The length of the joint of the vulcanized adhesive transport belt can be spliced at will according to the needs of single or multiple sets; when ordering, please identify the product model and specification of Wuxi Yikai vulcanizer, and indicate the width of the transport belt, the tensile strength and the required kg pressure of the vulcanized adhesive.

In case of failure due to electrical reasons, electricians with professional qualification certificate shall be invited for maintenance. People with half knowledge shall not repair blindly to prevent personal injury accidents. If the problem is still unsolved, please contact a professional manufacturer to return to the factory for maintenance. Wuxi Yikai mining and Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vulcanizer and electric hydraulic pump. 1. High pressure rubber hose: This is a special supporting product for vulcanizer. It is different from other rubber hose, generally 1.5m, and can be customized if necessary. The portable control system is more powerful, safer and humanized. 2. The connector of electric hydraulic pump adopts quick connector, which is made of metal copper and durable, easy to operate.


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